How To Rename Android Apps And Change Icon

How To Rename Android Apps And Change Icon

In the command prompt, type wsreset.exe and press enter. This will reset the store cache and solve problems with store apps. Place a UCCW widget of 4×1 size at the top of the first screen.

  • We all have a different definition of essential apps when it comes to our phones and tablets.
  • This leads to significantly more waste heat and a shorter hardware lifetime.
  • At the first start, Airdroid will offer to create an account, but it is optional, and you can skip it.
  • The biggest difference is that the back button is still there.

I personally use Apex Launcher and I find it very user-friendly. It would be great if you also help us with IOS list as well. I don’t find any cons with apex launcher as it proves to be a very helpful tool for me. The negative, MiHome is quite heavy on the hardware and not many people like the removal of the app drawer.

The launcher is easy to use with one hand, and it keeps your smartphone under control by sorting your apps into folders and allowing you to protect apps with a PIN. The Pocophone F1 turned heads in our editorial office when it launched earlier this year and the software is fundamental to this speed approach. It is the launcher I am using right now, in fact, and the thing just absolutely flies. The option to search for apps by color is also surprisingly intuitive. Now in its second version, the Poco Launcher is even more lightweight. If you are looking for a fast, no-nonsense launcher for your Android smartphone, look no further than this one.

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Disable it or add arma3launcher.exe to its compatibility list and set “Disable API detection”. Unofficial DayZ Launcher which allows you to easily search and join modded servers! This Apex Launcher guide will show you how to download and start using this launcher. Players will always start with one charge of their Hero ability when using a character like Lifeline or Bloodhound (two important players we’ll touch on later). However, characters like Pathfinder will have a few changes of his grappling hook. Hero ability charges do carry over in between rounds.

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App hiders are a great way to secure apps you don’t want others to access. To create a Hidden folder, tap on new at the bottom of the screen and then tap on “Folder”. To hide the new folder, you need to add a “.” before the name of the folder and it will be marked as hidden for android system. If you’re looking for more ways to secure your apps and activity on your phone, check out our how to free up space on Android and how to block text messages on Android devices articles. You also can use this technique to simply hide apps on Android and stop them from running in the background.

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That’s why a list of Apex Legends Launch Options/Commands comes in handy. Global Tech News DailyApex Legends originally launched on Origin in February 2019. The game stayed exclusive on PC on that platform until November 2020 when it finally jumped to Steam, many people’s favorite PC storefront. Thankfully, the game supports full cross-play, meaning PC users can not only play with each other on different launchers but also with those on console as well. Switch players can play against Steam and PS4 players as much as Xbox users can match up with those still on Origin. The launcher offers a customizable screen layout, transition effects, icon pack support, and notification badges.

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